Artificial Sweeteners to Avoid

From the Desk of Dr. Kandilakis

Part 2: Artificial Sweeteners to Avoid
Artificial sweeteners are regulated by FDA, just as food additives are,
BUT this does not apply to products ‘generally recognized as safe”???.

Several Examples:
27. Saccharin: Carcinogen found to cause bladder cancer in rats. (Worst Offender)
28. Aspartame: An excitotoxin and thought to be a carcinogen. Can cause dizziness, headaches, blurred vision and stomach problems.
29. High fructose corn syrup: Sweetener made from corn starch. Made from genetically-modified corn. Causes obesity, diabetes, heart problems, arthritis and insulin resistance.
30. Acesulfame potassium: Used with other artificial sweeteners in diet sodas and ice cream. Linked to lung and breast tumors in rats.
31. Sucralose: Splenda. Can cause swelling of liver and kidneys and a shrinkage of the thymus gland.
32. Agave nectar: Sweetener derived from a cactus. Contains high levels of fructose, which causes insulin resistance, liver disease and inflammation of body tissues.
33. Bleached starch: Can be used in many dairy products. Thought to be related to asthma and skin irritations.
34. Tert butylhydroquinone: Used to preserve fish products. Could cause stomach tumors at high doses.

Not only are these chemicals toxic and potentially carcinogenic, THEY ARE STRONG FREE RADICALS that will destroy cell membranes as they pass through your body
…..A Free Radical is a Molecule that usually has an extremely strong charge or pull and can destabilize your cellular membranes.

This may also lead to LEAKY GUT (Little rips and tears in your intestinal lining). This lets everything into your capillaries causing an immune system that is very reactive and sometimes always “ON”.

This leads to, Autoimmune conditions, allergies, poor digestive function, brain fog…Chronic inflammation…. Should I go on????

If you are experiencing ANY of these symptoms make an appointment for a correct evaluation and EFFECTIVE Treatment

Dr. Kandilakis
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