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First Visit

What You Can Expect at Bannockburn Chiropractic & Sports Injury Center


Your first appointment begins with the standard new patient check-in process. Please arrive 5-10 minutes prior to the start of your appointment. Come prepared with your insurance card, and/or all necessary documentation concerning payment for your treatment. Please reference the General Information page for more details related to insurance and payment.


Your care begins with a thorough evaluation of your history, a discussion of the condition and/or injury that is bringing you to our practice, and a chiropractic structural based exam. We do not take x-rays in our office. If you should present with symptoms that indicate more is going on internally, the treating Chiropractor will write the necessary order and refer to an imaging facility.


The examination portion of your visit provides the Chiropractor with a clear understanding of the cause of your condition and assists in determining the biomechanical faults at the root of your pain and discomfort. All treatment is holistic as often more than one issue exists that is contributing to pain, discomfort and limitation in your day to day activity.


You will receive treatment at your initial visit. Treatment begins with a chiropractic adjustment to realign the spine and/or joint specific to your condition and/or injury. The misalignment is called a subluxation, and is simply defined as a vertebral misalignment. We do not use tools or machines to realign the spine/joint. There is a uniquely designed chiropractic table used in assisting body’s movement, however the actual manipulation is done by use of the Chiropractor’s hands.


In addition to the manipulation, the treating Chiropractor will use a technique our practice specializes in called Active Release Technique, or (ART), where the Chiropractor will specifically focus on the impacted soft tissue. Manually addressing the soft tissue is critical for stabilizing the spine and/or joint associated with your condition or injury. Finally, your treatment is finished with corrective exercises to stabilize the injured area and ultimately over time, prevent future injury. At the close of your visit the treating Chiropractor will recommend a treatment plan designed to generate and achieve healing as quickly as reasonably possible, and return you to the active life you wish to live.


Bannockburn Chiropractic works in conjunction with other healthcare professionals. Our partners include but are not limited to Medical Doctors, Physical Therapists, Pilates and Yoga Instructors, Fitness Instructors, and Nutritionists. Depending on your needs,  personal goals and where the treating Chiropractor observes functional weakness, any number of these trusted professionals are available resources, and can be part of your treatment plan in an effort to maximize your fullest potential for a healthy and strong life.