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Bannockburn Chiropractic’s philosophy regarding nutrition is centered in a holistic approach to living a well balanced life that includes a good diet and exercise. BCSIC however recognizes that due to the busyness of life and the day to day pressure we all experience, well balanced living is easier said than done. Having said that, we remain strong proponents of choosing to do the very best that you can with the resources available to you in an effort to eat well and engage in moderate exercise; both to the degree you are able.


AT BCSIC you will not be bombarded with costly supplement regimens or fitness/performance training programs. We do not endorse trendy diets, nor do we promote any one supplier or provider of nutritional counseling, supplements/vitamins, or cleanses. These resources however are made available to you, and if necessary, may also be recommended by your treating Chiropractor. Our partners in nutrition, physical therapy and performance training are trusted professionals and are extremely knowledgeable in their areas of expertise.


Every patient’s health is unique to them. Our Chiropractors always take into consideration the varying components concerning nutrition and diet, prescription medications you may be taking, past injuries and or surgeries you may have undergone, and recognize care you may be receiving from another healthcare provider for conditions out of the scope of our treatment protocols. Chiropractors are “Doctors of Chiropractic”, are not medical doctors and therefore cannot prescribe medication.