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sports injuries

Emma M. - Collegiate Softball Player


“Dr. Yoss, I am writing you to thank you for influencing me over the past few years. When I started seeing you as a patient, I was in such pain with my shoulder and back. It was really affecting my performance on the softball diamond and I was not really sure that I would be able to continue playing in college. After you successfully treated my Mom, she convinced me to go see you. I was very skeptical about chiropractic because when I was young, I had an awful experience with a chiropractor. My Mom talked so highly of you and I was so desperate that I finally made the decision to go see you.


Not more than 5 minutes into my first appointment with you, you asked me, “Do all of your hits go to right field?” I said yes and then you responded with, “As I continue to treat you, you will see your hits start to move across the field and go where they should.” I was truly amazed at how you could tell that with just having me do a few movements. Well, you definitely did not lie. It was only after a few appointments, that I saw a huge improvement in my hitting and even throwing. I was no longer considered an “opposite field” hitter and could finally hit to all fields.

I went onto an amazing college softball career. I currently am the record holder at DePauw for home-runs, triples, doubles, and RBIs. Ironically, I was never considered much of an offensive threat until I got to college. I really give that credit to your treatment during high school and through college. This is what has inspired me most to pursue chiropractic. Not only did you get rid of my pain, but these injuries were holding me back from taking my athletic abilities to a higher level. I went from an average softball player to the biggest offensive threat on my team throughout college all because of chiropractic treatment.”


Andrew Rock - 2004 Olympic Gold Medalist Track & Field


Having a severe case of Achilles Tendonitis in 2009, Dr. Yoss was able to get me back to running within two sessions. To say the least, I was literally shocked at how effective his treatment plan was in such a short period. In 2011, I had a very similar case of Plantar Fasciitis. After several months in pain, I decided to travel to Chicago and see Dr. Yoss who was one again able to give me relief to start training again. Dr. Yoss separates himself from his peers by not only treating the pain but finding out the source of the pain. In my opinion, Dr. Yoss is the finest sports injury practitioner I have ever seen.


Alex L. - Collegiate Softball Player - Pitcher . Currently Playing in an Overseas League


“Wanted to give you an update on Alex’s wrist. She threw in practice with an 11 inch ball a few hours after treatment. She was tender but she knew it was from the the scar tissue broken up. She threw in practice Saturday with a 12 inch ball, and on Monday for a full pitching routine. Tuesday she made her first start throwing 6 innings of 4 hit ball with an 80 pitch limit. Started again on Saturday and threw a perfect game!”


Nancy Swider-Peltz Junior - 2010 Speed Skating Olympian


“I could never have gotten to where I’ve been, or still be able continue to strive for success without you. Thank you for ALL you’ve done!”


Tyler G. - High School Hockey Player


“My Mom has been a believer of Chiropractic for our family. We’ve been patients of Dr. Yoss’ for three years and mostly came to see him for maintenance. As I began to play hockey more intensely, Dr. Yoss’ style of treatment has kept me healthy and strong, both of which help in injury prevention. I always feel loose, my posture is better and I have less tension in my back. As a result I am a better hockey player.”


Joy D. - Professional, Wife and Mother of Two


"I was amongst Stuart Yoss’ first patients 10 years ago. Not only do I still seek his expertise when needed, my husband and our two daughters are patients as well. We are all pleased with his accurate diagnosis, thorough treatment, and our quick recovery."


Mitch G. - Real Estate Professional


“I have been using Dr. Yoss’ chiropractic services for approximately 10 years. My wife and two sons also have seen and continue to see Dr. Yoss for a variety of need. Having gone to other Chiropractors in the past I was skeptical but heard nice things about Dr. Yoss. Upon the completion of my first visit I assumed he was going to tell me to set up a minimum of 2-3 more visits to fix what was ailing me as other chiropractors have done in the past. Instead he looked at me and said “see how you feel”. I immediately felt comfortable with Dr. Yoss as a Medical Professional. Also impressive was that Dr. Yoss was not as concerned about filling his schedule, but personally made me feel important.

Ten years later I am often amazed at what he does and his understanding of the body and allowing you to heel and feel better as quickly as possible. He must have a built-in MRI in his eyes and hands! I would and do recommend Dr. Yoss.


Mark and Sheri Bartelstein


"Dr. Yoss offers the full package of care and support to his chiropractic patients. He is very careful with the diagnosis of the problem and even more thorough with his recommended treatment plan. Dr. Yoss is extremely personable with his patients; whether they are 12 years old or 82 years old, he is able to develop a trust and rapport with them almost immediately! His office staff is extraordinarily capable and friendly. Although his patient list includes a wide spectrum of patients with an even wider variety of problems, he spends time with each person. Finally, as qualified as Dr. Yoss is as a physician, he is an even better person."