Our Physical Therapy Team

Sharon Gawin, PT, MPT, PMA, CPT
Physical Therapist
Master of Physical Therapy
Pilates Method Alliance Certified
Certified Pilates Trainer

Sharon started her career graduating in 1991, from Penn State University Scholars program with a B.S. in Engineering. She has always had a love movement that was expressed as a dancer and choreographer. In 1996, she combined her passions graduating from Northwestern University Medical School with a Master of Physical Therapy. This path has allowed her to use her strong analytical skills to solve complex human movement problems

When she is not working, she is busy with her husband and two sons. Spending lots of time at soccer, basketball, hockey, tennis and track competitions has given her the opportunity to understand and treat many sports related issues.

Sharon is also a PMA certified Pilates teacher and has lectured throughout the country on using Pilates in a therapeutic setting. She is a strong believer that there is always more to learn and strives to keep adding “tools to her toolbox.”

For 18 years, Sharon owned a successful pilates based physical therapy practice. In 2018, she formally joined Bannockburn Chiropractic and Sports Injury Center to direct the physical therapy department. Here, the combined disciplines of chiropractic and physical therapy can provide the best care possible.

Amy Alcorn, PT, MPT
Physical Therapist
Master of Physical Therapy

Amy began her education studying psychology while swimming competitively are Kenyon College where she earned her B.A., as well as having first hand experience in overuse injuries. She continued her education at Northwestern University Medical School, where she earned her Master of Physical Therapy in 1994. Throughout her Master’s program, Amy enjoyed training and competing in local triathlons. She also worked part time as a personal trainer. Working one on one with “healthy” clients while in PT school helped her to understand the full spectrum from optimal performance to acute injury. Throughout her career, Amy has made it a priority to work with individuals at all stages on this continuum. This includes educating the “healthy” in proper mechanics and habits to prevent injury, helping people with minor injuries learn how to care for themselves so that they may stay active as they heal, and helping the injured get back to activity.

Amy has enjoyed the flexibility of her career to take time away to raise her four children. During that time she has complimented her professional education with training in Pilates and a 200-hour yoga teacher certification program. She continues to enjoy running, swimming, yoga and pilates.
Amy Friedman, PT
Physical Therapist
Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Specialist

Amy graduated from University of Illinois - Chicago with a Bachelor’s degree of Physical Therapy. Amy began her career in general orthopedics but in 2006 began specializing in pelvic floor dysfunction for women, men and children. Amy is also trained as a Pilates instructor, which she incorporates into her pelvic floor rehabilitation programs.

Amy is experienced in treating multiple conditions, but not limited to, pelvic pain, lumbopelvic pain, volvodynia, interstitial cystitis, painful bladder syndrome, bladder and bowel dysfunction, urine or fecal incontinence, IBS, constipation, pelvic organ prolapse, pregnancy, pre-natal, post-natal, pre and post-prostatectomy, and sexual dysfunction.

Amy was a board member of the Chicagoland Pelvic Floor Research Consortium for three years. Amy loves spending time with her three children. Outside of work, her passions are fitness and healthy living.

Jen Cohen, PT
Physical Therapist

Jen Cohen graduated from Bradley University with a BS in Physical Therapy in 1999. She believes in taking a comprehensive approach to treating her patients using manual techniques, movement analysis, functional exercises and patient education. She prides herself on looking at the whole patient rather than just focusing on the affected area. She wants to not only alleviate their pain but to prevent it from recurring. Her goal is to return her patients to a pain free lifestyle.

Jen grew up playing soccer and continued playing for a club team through college. She ran cross country in high school and is still an avid runner having completed 5 marathons including Boston. She has always led an active lifestyle which is reflected in her passion for finding ways to maximize movement performance whether it is in her own life or her patient's lives.
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