Chiropractic Adjustment Therapy

At Bannockburn Chiropractic & Sports Injury Center, we utilize chiropractic adjustment therapy to help alleviate pain in your joints, spine, and extremities and help improve movement, mobility, and function. However, adjustments take time to realign and restore function, much like how injuries or poor posture impede mobility over time. That is why our chiropractors will likely determine a treatment plan that will take place over the course of six to eight visits to help maximize the benefits and effects of your adjustments. To begin, our chiropractors will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your condition to accurately identify pain sources and determine appropriate adjustment treatment. Some adjustments can induce cavitation (popping/cracking) noises that help restore joint motions. This type of adjustment can help relieve pain and relax surrounding muscles. However, our chiropractors can also provide mobilization adjustments that do not cause audible cavitation for patients who prefer a gentler adjustment. Mobilization adjustments, also known as the Thompson technique, utilize table drop-pieces to lighten the adjustment and remain low force. The same motion tightness reduction and function restoration can result from this type of treatment.

Our chiropractic adjustment therapy services in IL use an approach based on our three core principles of comprehensive rehabilitation. We have found that when we base our practices on these values, we help create lasting results with preventative qualities. With our adjustment services, we aim to provide treatment that helps mobilize soft tissues and joints, creates a stabilized spinal column and strong core, and optimizes muscle firing. To mobilize is to reduce restrictions and allow freedom of movement. To stabilize is to create a strong foundation throughout the core of your body. To optimize is to improve movement patterns and muscle firing to reduce injury risk and achieve optimal performance.

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