Our Approach

At Bannockburn Chiropractic and Sports Injury Center, we believe in a comprehensive approach to rehabilitation. Our chiropractors and physical therapists work side by side to help you heal and achieve your goals. This involves mobilization of soft tissues and joints, stabilization of a strong core, and optimization of muscle firing.
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Restrictions in fascia and muscle tissue hold the body in faulty postures. In turn, this does not allow muscles to fire properly, leading to pain and/or dysfunction. Mobilization frees up these restrictions for improved skeletal alignment and better muscle recruitment.


All movement is most efficient when it initiates from a solid foundation. Strength and stability begin with the core. Spinal stabilization & core activation lead to improved movement and strength.


Successful performance of a task requires the intricate coordination of various body parts; this is called neuromusclar control. By optimizing movement patterns and muscle firing, risk of injury is decreased.
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