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A new service at Bannockburn Chiropractic provides high- quality, patient friendly, service oriented, accurate EMG/NCV Testing and hormone and functional metabolism testing with fast turn-around-time of reports and pre-diagnostic consultations.

Emg Testing is known to be the most accurate method to determine the exact location of nerve dysfunction. This very accurate neurological testing protocol can accurately determine the location and confirm the severity of:

Compression or inflammation of lumbar root dysfunction (radiculopathies).

• Peripheral neuropathy, such as carpal tunnel syndrome (median nerve), cubital syndrome (ulnar nerve) and foot compression entrapment conditions such as Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome (medial, lateral plantar nerve) or interdigital nerve entrapment.

• Metabolic peripheral neuropathy nerve damage or dysfunction such as diabetes or other metabolic conditions affecting peripheral nerves.

We Perform EMG/NCV Nerve Testing For:

Back Disc/Nerve Injuries
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Pinched Nerves Neck
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Carpal Tunnel
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Get the Test That Determines Nerve Injury!

For over 20 years, our physicians have been helping patients identify nerve injury and dysfunction performing neurological and orthopedic evaluations alongside pain management, orthopedic, neurosurgeon and primary care physicians NeuroTesting Group is proud to offer same day testing solutions at many locations so you don't have to have the long waiting periods and often impersonal care.

In addition to providing you fast, personalized, and professional service, Our EMG NeuroTesting Group will work with you and your doctor as neurological diagnostic consultants drawing on years of experience to provide your physician with important information regarding the health of affected nerves and your nervous system health in general.

Our physicians are graduates of University of Illinois - Chicago and National University of Health Sciences and have completed extensive post-doctoral training in Neurological Electrodiagnostics, pain management and treatment of spinal, sports and occupational injuries and is certified in Neurological Electrodiagnostics (EMG/NCV). Additionally, specializing in occupational health assessment, work exposures and injury assessment.

Our physician team also offers independent evaluations and second opinion consultations to document auto, personal and workplace injuries.

We Document work, personal injuries,
disability & impairment!

NeuroTesting Group
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